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Card Trick: Card on the Ceiling

Card On The Ceiling
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Effect: A spectator selects, signs and returns a card to the deck. The deck is then shuffled and the card that they signed, sticks to the ceiling while the others fall.

Preparation: You will need a pen, cards and a piece of magicians wax or sticky tape that has been rolled in a loop with the sticky side facing out. ( This should be looped around your finger or under the table).

Method: Have the spectator choose a card which is then, using your own favourite method, returned to the deck and shuffled to the top.
With the spectators card face down on top of the pack, you can either slip the double sided sticky tape off your finger and on to the back of their card or stick a small piece of magicians wax to it.
Then toss the pack hard at the ceiling, keeping it parallel. The spectators card should stick and the rest of the pack will fall.

Easy Card Moves - Pull Cards From Thin Air
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Appear to pull cards from thin air with this easy to set up guide to one of the classic and most enjoyable basic moves of card magic. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this easy card sleight. It is very visual and can be a real reputation maker.This move is timeless and you will be able to perform an impressive card production easily and confidently, after following this easy sleight of hand guide.

Amazing audience reaction because even though it's clear your hand is empty, you appear to grab card after card fro
m behind their ears, under tables, even from thin air!

You Will Need :
Pack Of Cards
Practice, practice, practice.

How To Do The Trick :
A small stack of cards should be held in the palm of the hand in
palm position . Choose an amount of cards that you feel comfortable holding. It is not necessary to hold a lot of cards ( try and work out how many you plan to produce and count them out before the trick )

Grip the edge of the pack with your fingers and use your thumb to peel of the top card.

Continue using your thumb to move the card up to the audiences view, held beween the thumb and fore finger.

At the same time as you are pivoting up the card, the hand should be lunged forward slightly as if the card has been grabbed from thin air

Continue to produce cards from the air in this manner, throwing down each card to the audience before producing the next card as if by magic. Practice this trick in front of a mirror to see it from an audience eye view and get to get the best angle for the trick to be performed.

Should you wish to see a lot more cool card tricks and secrets. Basic to advanced moves and sleights as well as some of the best and most impressive magic tricks can be found in
Basic Basic Card Techniques which is one of the best available magic instruction videos available to today's magician.
Key Points:
Well this must be the most intense trick in the book. But yet again like all of these or well the previous card and coin magic tricks, this trick requires: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and......PRACTICE! This trick is an intensely amazing trick which is definite to surprise and amaze all the spectators. When I first attempted this trick, I honestly failed greatly. I couldn't get the hold of it. It is a very complicated trick. You also need: either a fairly wide hand, or a fairly small deck of cards to preform this trick, without this..well... I have discovered that you will NOT be able to preform the trick without this. You can buy a small deck of cards, not tiny, but small deck of cards at your closest dollar or convienience/Bargain store. When you have your deck, all you need now is a whole lot of practice. I say that you should practice this trick for atleast a week, 20 minutes daily and you will egt the hold of it. I did. I followed the method and the time period I have just mentioned and with these tips, if you followed these tips you will definitly succeed!

The Master System
This is no ordinary card trick, this is the mother of all card tricks, and once learned you will be able to perform many different card tricks that defy all logic, because you will know the position of every card in the pack. The cards must not be shuffled or disturbed in any way, but the performer can cut the cards and have several spectators do a straight cut. This will not disturb the order of the cards. This master system arrangement of the cards is far more impressive than just arranging them in numerical order in the suits i.e 2,3,4,5,6, e.t.c. as this sequence looks completely random to the spectator who will not suspect that the cards have been pre arranged.

The cards must be stacked as shown in the table below, by first placing the ace of clubs on to a table face up, then the four of hearts and so on until the whole pack is set in the master system order. This order is also known as the Si Stebbins order
Queen (Arrange Your Cards in this Order)










Rule 1 Each card has a numerical value, Ace=1, jack=11, queen=12 and king=13. Rule 2 Each card is THREE numbers apart, Ace, 4, 7, 10, etc. Rule 3 Every thirteenth card is a card of the same value, but a different suit.
Master System trick 1: Fan out the cards, ask a spectator to pick a card, separate the pack at that point, placing the top half on to the bottom of the pack while secretly glancing at the bottom card, you will instantly know the spectator's card. Simply add 3 to the bottom card value and call the following suit. You now know the card value so you can improvise your own tricks from here.

Master System Trick 2: A spectator cuts the pack, you take them and secretly glance at the bottom card as you put them behind your back, ask the spectator to name a random card, you then pull it from the pack. Simply add three to the bottom card and increment the next suit, this is the value of the top card. Now just count through the cards until you come to their card, where you pull it out and show them.

Master System trick 3: Cut the pack a couple of times, then secretly glance at the bottom card as you pass the pack to a spectator, mentally add three to the bottom card and increment the next suit, this is the value of the top card. Ask them to cut the pack into four piles. Announce you are going to predict the top card off of each of the four packs. You already know the card on the first pack, so start from the opposite end and name card you already know, then when you pick up the card you will then be able to see its true value, then you name that card before you pick up the second card and continue to do this until you have named all four cards. Then simply show the cards you have just named to the spectator.

Master System trick 4 : Hold the pack of cards in your right hand and slowly let them drop into the palm of your left hand, asking your spectator to say "stop" where ever they want. Secretly look at the bottom card of the remaining pack in your right hand and ask the spectator to take the top card of the pack in your left hand and memorize it. Tell them they must concentrate on their card, you then name their card.

Master System trick 5: Tell the spectator that you can tell them how many cards down the pack their chosen card is and ask them to choose any card, number and suit. Then locate the card with the same suit as the one named by the spectator, which is nearest to the bottom. Subtract the number of the card chosen from the card of the same suit nearest the bottom of the pack. Then multiply the answer by four and then subtract the number of cards that were below the bottom suit card, the result will be how many cards down from the pack you must count to reach the spectator's chosen card. If the chosen card is a higher value than the suit card on or nearest the bottom of the pack, just add 13 and proceed as above. For example: if the spectator chooses the 9 of diamonds and the card with the same suit nearest the bottom is a 5 of diamonds, you will need to add 13 to the 5 of diamonds, making a total of 18. Now subtract their card, the 9 of diamonds from 18, this leaves the number 9, multiply 9 by 4, which equals 36, then subtract the number 2 (which is the number of cards below the bottom suit card). This totals 34, so the 9 of diamonds is 34 cards down from the top of the pack.
Thoroughly learn this Master System and practice it well, you will then be able to improvise and create your own tricks based on The Master System, this is one of those tricks that once you have mastered it, you will wonder how you managed without it.
Hint: To remember the order of the card suits, it is useful to think of the word CHASED i.e CHaSeD
Note from MagicMania:
To perfect this trick you need to...well you guessed it...practice, practice,practice!!! The Master System is a pretty complex card trick which needs a lot of Hard work and great concentration! If you make a goal that you are actually willing to practice this trick and you will NOT give up, even if you can't seem to get it, remember once you have the confidence to do it.....YOU WILL DO IT!!:-) Any magic trick consists of great concentration and perfection in the trick. The trick is perfected only by the regular practices and unbelieveable confidence of the presenter or the magician. Remember everyone believes in Card Tricks. When I say this I mean that mostly to start of a magicians career whoever the person is would ushually start with a card trick because it would sort of "startof" their career. So every beginner in magic has always believed in Card Tricks, I want to give you the advantage of feeling free and cashual while practicing these tricks, don't ever rush in the tricks, that would only result in confusion and complete distruction of the trick! Don't ever do that. Practice these tricks tips and I promise you will surely become an unbelieveable magician!!

Card Tricks: The Beginning

Card Tricks: Check This Out
Well, now you get to learn the tricks you have been wanting to learn for a pretty long time. Now I want to give you the privilage to get any card trick you want. Daily I recieve some mind-blowing card tricks in my email which I would more than love to share with you. Some of these tricks include: The Tree Card Monte, The Ellusionist Shaman, and finally Fearson's Aces. You will get to learn more card tricks, some which I have originally created. You yourself will get to learn how to easily create your own card tricks. You don't want to miss tese unbelieveable card magic tricks. If you want to check out other sites with many amazing magic tricks, you will get to learn more magic tricks which will truly shock and amaze you and your friends.
If you ever have any comments about any posts, even questions , please feel free to send me an email at my email address which I will only disclose upon the persons request. But I truly love to get comments from you, this is why I work so hard to get you the magic tricks you want. I try my best to eliminate all the tricks which I find not "up to the standards" , just to please you. Please send me you questions and comments becoause I truly love to hear from you!! Thankyou for bookmarking my site (if you have).

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Telekinesis-Levitation-Coin Vanish Tricks

Free Magic Trick #5. Telekinesis
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EFFECT: Magician offers to demonstrate Telekinesis. He places a full length pencil on a book and mysteriously waves his hands over the pencil as he bends his head down and mumbles some magic phrases. The pencil starts to magically move without being touched.
METHOD: The pencil is placed so that it just balances on the edge of the book. When the Magician bends his head he secretly blows on the book on his side of the pencil, at the point marked "X", causing the pencil to move or rotate mysteriously.

Free Magic Trick #6. Levitation
EFFECT: Magician borrows a wedding ring and slides it down over his wand. He leans toward the ring starring at it intently. He makes a magic gesture and the ring slowly rises up the wand. With another gesture the ring slides down the wand. He removes the ring and returns it to the spectator. The wand may be handed out for inspection.
METHOD: A piece of black sewing thread, about three feet long is attached to the top of the wand with Magician's Wax which is available at magic stores. You may tie it tightly on and glue it in place. Tie the other end to your belt or a lower button hole. Place the borrowed ring down over the wand and thread. Adjust the length of thread so that when you lean forward and pull your waist back the thread is pulled and the ring raises up the wand.If you use Magician's Wax you can secretly remove the wad of wax from the wand allowing you to hand it out for inspection. Click on Magic Wands above for wands, or you can make one out of plastic tubing, a jumbo pencil or other smooth rod.

Free Magic Trick #7, Coin Vanish

Effect: Magician states that he can make a coin vanish merely by rubbing it on his elbow. The first two times he tries he fails. But open the third time vanishes into thin air. He then reproduces it from his ear (or some other unlikely place).
Method: The magician borrows a coin from a spectator, taking it with his right hand. He places the coin in his left hand. He places his right elbow on the table and rests his chin on his right fist. As he starts to rub the coin on his elbow he pretends to drop it on the table. He picks it up with his right hand and places it in his left. He again starts to rub his elbow and drops the coin. He picks up the coin with his right hand and pretends to put it in his left. Actually he secretly keeps it in his right hand. He again rubs the pretend coin on his right elbow but his time he takes his left hand away and the coin appears to have vanished. He then pretends to take the coin out of his ear.
Key Points By Magic-Mania:
-Keep in mind that practice makes perfect- so keep on working hard even when you can't get hold of the trick.It is always good to practice the trick in from of a friend before presenting in front of an audience.
- Try to find different ways to preform the trick every time, this helps to keep the suspicious eyes of the spectators who had already viewed the trick quite confused. Though, it is quite complicated to find many proper method to preform the trick, well one tip is you can perhamps switch the sequence of the trick, from here and there. This is quite the boggler for the many spectators who reckon they know how the trick is done.
- If you don't already have any magical items, such as the well-magician known "Bicycle" deck, you may want to purchase that now, they are very cheep to buy from some sites such as: and . I highly recommand these sites to you if you havent already bought some tricks. If you'd rather prefer to read magic tricks and learn them that way, then I recommand Bobo's Magic Tricks book. This diminutive master mind of a book, tells you everything you would want to know about coin magic! To view the pricing of this book, please click on the following link:

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Quick Coin Tricks

Disappearing Dollar Magic Trick
This magic trick can be done with any three bills of the same currency and value.
Effect: The magician clearly has three one dollar bills in his hand and magically, one disappears leaving the other two left untouched, right before the audiences baffled eyes!
Preparation: Secretly take out of your pocket/purse a dollar bill and fold it over about two thirds across, take the other bill and place it over the crease of the fold hiding the fold from view, the two bills should now look somewhat like three dollar bills.
Method: Take the already set dollar bills in your hand and announce that you are about to do what most people dread, make your money disappear.Take the top of the two bottom edges of the dollar bill. When they are in between your thumb and pointer finger, shake the bill wildly so the top edge of the bill flops backward making the folded bill unfolded.
Then, take your bills and show that three one dollar bills have magically changed into two genuine dollar bills.
Easy Coin Vanish
A coin is placed onto the table and it vanishes.
Method: Put the coin onto the table with your left hand.
Say something like "check this out" and reach over with your right hand.
Then press down on the coin with your middle, index and third finger with your hand and arm parallel with the table.
Slide the coin towards you remembering that it should be completely covered up.
Slide the coin off the table so it falls on your lap without the spectator seeing.
Touch your thumb to your middle finger as if you are picking up the coin as it reaches the edge of the table.
Keeping your fingers still closed, stare at where the coin should be as you slowly move your hand away from you back to about 6 inches from where the coin originally was.
Start moving your thumb in a circular motion as if the coin is disappearing.
Slowly turn your hand around and spread your fingers apart.
Now the rest is up to you.
The more surprised you act the more people will believe that they have seen a real coin vanish.
Coin Through Handkerchief Trick
A coin appears to magically pass through a handkerchief without leaving a hole
You Will Need: A handkerchief and a coin.
Method: Put the coin in your right hand and cover it with the handkerchief.
Next, pretend to straighten it out, but while doing that, tuck a little bit of the handkerchief in between the coin and your thumb.
Take the front of the handkerchief (the side facing your audience) and throw it over the back, showing that the coin is still there.
Now take both sides of the handkerchief, and throw them to the front. (It should stay because of the piece of handkerchief that you tucked between your thumb and coin earlier).
Start twisting it from the bottom, so that it is being twisted around the coin.
The coin will want to come out, but don't let it yet.
Continue twisting until it is tight.
Now push the coin through as if it is penetrating the handkerchief.
Take the coin out and show no hole!!! Aren't you proud??!!

Free Coin Trick - Quick Sleeve Flick
A coin placed on a spectators hand, vanishes right in front of their eyes with just a quick snap of the magician's fingers. Find out how, with this easy to set up guide to one of the classic and most enjoyable basic moves of coin magic. This move is timeless and you will be able to perform an impressive coin vanish after following this easy guide.
Amazing audience reaction because even though it's clear your hand is empty, you appear to have vanished a coin from the spectators hand, right in front of their eyes !!!
You Will Need :
1 coin A good line of patterPractice
How To Do The Trick :
1. Place the coin on the back of the spectators outstretched hand.
2. Bring your hand over the spectators hand and with your thumb and forefinger held together, directly over the coin, snap your thumb and forefinger.
3. The magician's thumb and forefinger should be positioned so that during the snap, the forefinger will flick the coin up his sleeve
4. The magician can then proceed to roll up his sleeve to show that the coin is not there. ( the coin should be allowed to fall out of the sleeve into the magicians hand at the beginning of the rolling up the sleeve move and kept hidden in the palm.) The spectator should still be baffled at this point and not notice this subtle move .
This trick although deceptively simple, requires practice. If you practice enough to perform this trick smoothly, then you will reap the rewards of performing a very satisfying magic trick.
There's a Hole in My Pocket
The Effect:
Borrow a coin and have it marked. You say that you are always losing money through a hole in your pocket and then you drop the marked coin into your pocket. "What's weird", you say, "is that the hole isn't in this pocket (the one in which you dropped the coin), but in this one!" You lift up your other foot and the borrowed marked coin is there!
The Method: You need an extra coin. (Well, how did you think it was done?) Most people have a quarter on them, so let's say you want to borrow a quarter. On an "off moment", secretly place the extra quarter under your left foot. (I sometimes adjust my socks and stick it under the shoe.) Have someone loan you a quarter and ask them to mark it in some unusual way with a pen.
Take the quarter and just drop it into your right trouser pocket. Shake your leg as if you are shaking the coin into the hole and down your leg. Then say, "What's weird is that the hole isn't in this pocket (the one in which you dropped the coin), but in this one!" You lift up your other foot and the borrowed coin is there!
Then - and here's where you've gotta have guts - pick up the coin with your right hand and place it (don't drop it!) into the right trouser pocket as you pick up the other coin with the same hand. (Just switch them.) With your hand still in the pocket, look confused and say, "I'm sorry, did you lend me this or was it mine?" He'll tell you it was his and you'll return his coin (the marked one). He'll, of course, inspect the coin for the mark. It's gutsy, but it works.
These tricks were all from the amazing coin and many other tricks website: . Please check it out to learn some more about the unbelieveable magic world! I am quite you will be able to learn all of these amazing tricks in just under minutes...if you have the proper attention and equipment -that is! Remember- Practice make Perfect. So even if you acn't seem to get hold of the instruction to some trick..just keep on practicing!, You wll be a true magician in no time at all! Hope you enjoyed these tricks- there are many more yet to don't miss it.

Three Coin Optical Illusion

Coin Optical Illusion
Effect : A magician has two coins in his hand but when he starts to rub them, it looks like a third is appearing and when he opens his hand there are now three coins.
Performance : Hold two coins flat on top of each other between your thumb and forefinger, sideways to the audience. Say you will make an extra coin by rubbing them together.
Rub the coins quickly backwards and forwards against each other. It looks as if there are three coins, not two.
It is almost certain that a spectator will mention that this is only an optical illusion.
Now is the time to close your fist and re open it showing the three coins
Method : You need a hidden coin in a classic palm position. ( That is when a coin is squeezed between the fleshly base of your thumb and palm, hidden from view. )
This trick needs practise to get the rubbing of the coins to look that a third one is appearing, once you got it, it looks very effective.

Free Coin Magic Trick: Coin Warp

Coin Warp: Free Magic
Effect: Magician displays three coins, (nickels) on the table. One coin is picked up by the right hand and placed into the left hand. A second coin is picked up and placed in the left hand along with the first coin.The third coin is placed into the right pants pocket.
The left hand is opened to show that the third has travelled by magic into the left hand, making a total of three coins! The three coins are then dropped onto the table.
This entire sequence is repeated again revealing the coin has again travelled back into the left hand. The three coins are dumped onto the table.
This time the magician drops one coin into his left hand and places two coins into his pocket. Now when the left hand is opened, instead of the coins travelling back into the hand, the coin transforms into one big coin - a half dollar.
Preparation: To do this you need you need four coins instead of three. Ahha, that's the secret! You also need a larger coin for the transformation. I like to use four quarters and a silver dollar. I've also used four nickels and a half dollar. Basically you want to have a definite difference in the size of the coins, so that the transformation will be more dramatic.
Here's what you do before you start:
(I'll assume that you're going to use four nickels and a half dollar.) Place the big coin into your right jacket pocket. The extra, (4th) nickel is hidden in the right hand. Just try to relax the hand and not grip the coin with too much force. The other three nickels are on the table.
Performance: Pick up one coin from the table with the right hand, (don't let anyone see the hidden coin.) Place this coin into the left hand. Say to audience, "One coin in my hand."
(As soon as the left hand has the coin - make sure to close that hand.)
Grab another coin from the table. Place this coin into the left hand along with the first coin, but, at the same time secretly drop the hidden coin into the left hand as well, making a total of three coins. Say," Two coins in my hand." (Make sure to close your left hand after the coins are in it.) The audience believes that you have two coins in your left hand. Pick up the last, (apparently 3rd coin) from the table with your right hand and openly place it into your right pocket. Say, "And a coin goes into my pocket." But that's not what really happens! Here's what's really going on: you pretend to place the coin into your right pants pocket, but really come back out with it hidden in your right hand. Just let your hand relax naturally by your side.
"Did you see it jump back?" As soon as you say this, open your left hand and dump three coins onto the table to show that the 3rd coin has magically jumped from your pocket and back to your hand! (Everyone will be watching the three coins so the heat will be off the hidden coin it your right hand.)
Now repeat the sequence again. The right hand picks up a coin and places it into your left hand; make sure not to expose the hidden coin in your right hand. Pick up another coin with your right hand and drop in into the left hand at the same time secretly adding the hidden coin. (You now have three coins in your left hand, but the audience is only aware of two.)
Now this is where we change it up for the big finish. The right hand picks up the last coin from the table and places it into the right pants pocket as before, but this time you really do drop the coin into your pocket and grab the big coin, (half dollar or silver dollar; depending on what you're using) and bring your hand out of your pocket keeping the big coin hidden from the audience. (Relax your right hand by your side.) Open your left hand and dump three coins on the table to show that the coin has travelled back again!
Ok, here's the final sequence:
(You have three coins on the table with the big coin hidden in your right hand.) "This time we will do it backwards. One coin in my hand." Pick up one of the coins from the table with your right hand and apparently place it into the left hand. What you really do is switch the coins. The right hand drops the big coin into the left hand while holding back the small coin. This takes a little practice, but it's not hard as it sounds. The closing of the left hand around the coin will cover the fact that you've switched them. This is the most important part of this coin trick. If you can this move smoothly, the coin trick will amaze everyone!
At this point the closed left hand has the big coin inside of it. (The audience thinks it has a smaller coin.) The right hand has a small coin secretly hidden in it. (There are two coins left on the table.) "And these two will go into my pocket." The right hand with its hidden coin picks up the final coins (at the same time) from the table and drops all three coins into the right pants pocket. Now you are clean. The left hand has the big coin and the right hand is empty. Casually show that your right hand is indeed empty.
At this point, look at your audience and ask, "How many coins are there now in my in my hand?" Some will answer, "Two" some others will say "three." You reply, "Only one - a big one!" As soon as you say "only one", open your hand to show the transformation and dump the big coin on the table! Every time I do this people grab for the big coin. They want to check it out and make sure it's for real. The beauty of this trick is that you're clean with nothing to hide. Congratulations, you've just performed a miracle! Have fun performing with your free coin magic trick.
Key Points:
1. Whenever you have a coin hidden in your hand, try to relax. Slightly turn your body to the left so that the back of the right hand is facing the audience. Also never look at your hand when you have a coin hidden in it. Remember the audience will follow your eyes.
2. Practice the routine in the mirror. Any mistakes will be evident. Especially practice the switch with the big coin. Sometimes people will see a flash of the big coin. That's OK because they will think it's the smaller coin. Remember you're the only one who knows about the big coin!
3. When you have this coin magic trick well rehearsed, you can substitute and use other objects. I've used four grapes and a small lemon or tomato. I've also used four pebbles and a stone. Use your imagination.

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5. Thomas Mitchell
6. Uri Geller
7. Harry Houdini
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