Saturday, September 24, 2005

Quick Coin Tricks

Disappearing Dollar Magic Trick
This magic trick can be done with any three bills of the same currency and value.
Effect: The magician clearly has three one dollar bills in his hand and magically, one disappears leaving the other two left untouched, right before the audiences baffled eyes!
Preparation: Secretly take out of your pocket/purse a dollar bill and fold it over about two thirds across, take the other bill and place it over the crease of the fold hiding the fold from view, the two bills should now look somewhat like three dollar bills.
Method: Take the already set dollar bills in your hand and announce that you are about to do what most people dread, make your money disappear.Take the top of the two bottom edges of the dollar bill. When they are in between your thumb and pointer finger, shake the bill wildly so the top edge of the bill flops backward making the folded bill unfolded.
Then, take your bills and show that three one dollar bills have magically changed into two genuine dollar bills.
Easy Coin Vanish
A coin is placed onto the table and it vanishes.
Method: Put the coin onto the table with your left hand.
Say something like "check this out" and reach over with your right hand.
Then press down on the coin with your middle, index and third finger with your hand and arm parallel with the table.
Slide the coin towards you remembering that it should be completely covered up.
Slide the coin off the table so it falls on your lap without the spectator seeing.
Touch your thumb to your middle finger as if you are picking up the coin as it reaches the edge of the table.
Keeping your fingers still closed, stare at where the coin should be as you slowly move your hand away from you back to about 6 inches from where the coin originally was.
Start moving your thumb in a circular motion as if the coin is disappearing.
Slowly turn your hand around and spread your fingers apart.
Now the rest is up to you.
The more surprised you act the more people will believe that they have seen a real coin vanish.
Coin Through Handkerchief Trick
A coin appears to magically pass through a handkerchief without leaving a hole
You Will Need: A handkerchief and a coin.
Method: Put the coin in your right hand and cover it with the handkerchief.
Next, pretend to straighten it out, but while doing that, tuck a little bit of the handkerchief in between the coin and your thumb.
Take the front of the handkerchief (the side facing your audience) and throw it over the back, showing that the coin is still there.
Now take both sides of the handkerchief, and throw them to the front. (It should stay because of the piece of handkerchief that you tucked between your thumb and coin earlier).
Start twisting it from the bottom, so that it is being twisted around the coin.
The coin will want to come out, but don't let it yet.
Continue twisting until it is tight.
Now push the coin through as if it is penetrating the handkerchief.
Take the coin out and show no hole!!! Aren't you proud??!!

Free Coin Trick - Quick Sleeve Flick
A coin placed on a spectators hand, vanishes right in front of their eyes with just a quick snap of the magician's fingers. Find out how, with this easy to set up guide to one of the classic and most enjoyable basic moves of coin magic. This move is timeless and you will be able to perform an impressive coin vanish after following this easy guide.
Amazing audience reaction because even though it's clear your hand is empty, you appear to have vanished a coin from the spectators hand, right in front of their eyes !!!
You Will Need :
1 coin A good line of patterPractice
How To Do The Trick :
1. Place the coin on the back of the spectators outstretched hand.
2. Bring your hand over the spectators hand and with your thumb and forefinger held together, directly over the coin, snap your thumb and forefinger.
3. The magician's thumb and forefinger should be positioned so that during the snap, the forefinger will flick the coin up his sleeve
4. The magician can then proceed to roll up his sleeve to show that the coin is not there. ( the coin should be allowed to fall out of the sleeve into the magicians hand at the beginning of the rolling up the sleeve move and kept hidden in the palm.) The spectator should still be baffled at this point and not notice this subtle move .
This trick although deceptively simple, requires practice. If you practice enough to perform this trick smoothly, then you will reap the rewards of performing a very satisfying magic trick.
There's a Hole in My Pocket
The Effect:
Borrow a coin and have it marked. You say that you are always losing money through a hole in your pocket and then you drop the marked coin into your pocket. "What's weird", you say, "is that the hole isn't in this pocket (the one in which you dropped the coin), but in this one!" You lift up your other foot and the borrowed marked coin is there!
The Method: You need an extra coin. (Well, how did you think it was done?) Most people have a quarter on them, so let's say you want to borrow a quarter. On an "off moment", secretly place the extra quarter under your left foot. (I sometimes adjust my socks and stick it under the shoe.) Have someone loan you a quarter and ask them to mark it in some unusual way with a pen.
Take the quarter and just drop it into your right trouser pocket. Shake your leg as if you are shaking the coin into the hole and down your leg. Then say, "What's weird is that the hole isn't in this pocket (the one in which you dropped the coin), but in this one!" You lift up your other foot and the borrowed coin is there!
Then - and here's where you've gotta have guts - pick up the coin with your right hand and place it (don't drop it!) into the right trouser pocket as you pick up the other coin with the same hand. (Just switch them.) With your hand still in the pocket, look confused and say, "I'm sorry, did you lend me this or was it mine?" He'll tell you it was his and you'll return his coin (the marked one). He'll, of course, inspect the coin for the mark. It's gutsy, but it works.
These tricks were all from the amazing coin and many other tricks website: . Please check it out to learn some more about the unbelieveable magic world! I am quite you will be able to learn all of these amazing tricks in just under minutes...if you have the proper attention and equipment -that is! Remember- Practice make Perfect. So even if you acn't seem to get hold of the instruction to some trick..just keep on practicing!, You wll be a true magician in no time at all! Hope you enjoyed these tricks- there are many more yet to don't miss it.


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