Sunday, September 25, 2005

Telekinesis-Levitation-Coin Vanish Tricks

Free Magic Trick #5. Telekinesis
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EFFECT: Magician offers to demonstrate Telekinesis. He places a full length pencil on a book and mysteriously waves his hands over the pencil as he bends his head down and mumbles some magic phrases. The pencil starts to magically move without being touched.
METHOD: The pencil is placed so that it just balances on the edge of the book. When the Magician bends his head he secretly blows on the book on his side of the pencil, at the point marked "X", causing the pencil to move or rotate mysteriously.

Free Magic Trick #6. Levitation
EFFECT: Magician borrows a wedding ring and slides it down over his wand. He leans toward the ring starring at it intently. He makes a magic gesture and the ring slowly rises up the wand. With another gesture the ring slides down the wand. He removes the ring and returns it to the spectator. The wand may be handed out for inspection.
METHOD: A piece of black sewing thread, about three feet long is attached to the top of the wand with Magician's Wax which is available at magic stores. You may tie it tightly on and glue it in place. Tie the other end to your belt or a lower button hole. Place the borrowed ring down over the wand and thread. Adjust the length of thread so that when you lean forward and pull your waist back the thread is pulled and the ring raises up the wand.If you use Magician's Wax you can secretly remove the wad of wax from the wand allowing you to hand it out for inspection. Click on Magic Wands above for wands, or you can make one out of plastic tubing, a jumbo pencil or other smooth rod.

Free Magic Trick #7, Coin Vanish

Effect: Magician states that he can make a coin vanish merely by rubbing it on his elbow. The first two times he tries he fails. But open the third time vanishes into thin air. He then reproduces it from his ear (or some other unlikely place).
Method: The magician borrows a coin from a spectator, taking it with his right hand. He places the coin in his left hand. He places his right elbow on the table and rests his chin on his right fist. As he starts to rub the coin on his elbow he pretends to drop it on the table. He picks it up with his right hand and places it in his left. He again starts to rub his elbow and drops the coin. He picks up the coin with his right hand and pretends to put it in his left. Actually he secretly keeps it in his right hand. He again rubs the pretend coin on his right elbow but his time he takes his left hand away and the coin appears to have vanished. He then pretends to take the coin out of his ear.
Key Points By Magic-Mania:
-Keep in mind that practice makes perfect- so keep on working hard even when you can't get hold of the trick.It is always good to practice the trick in from of a friend before presenting in front of an audience.
- Try to find different ways to preform the trick every time, this helps to keep the suspicious eyes of the spectators who had already viewed the trick quite confused. Though, it is quite complicated to find many proper method to preform the trick, well one tip is you can perhamps switch the sequence of the trick, from here and there. This is quite the boggler for the many spectators who reckon they know how the trick is done.
- If you don't already have any magical items, such as the well-magician known "Bicycle" deck, you may want to purchase that now, they are very cheep to buy from some sites such as: and . I highly recommand these sites to you if you havent already bought some tricks. If you'd rather prefer to read magic tricks and learn them that way, then I recommand Bobo's Magic Tricks book. This diminutive master mind of a book, tells you everything you would want to know about coin magic! To view the pricing of this book, please click on the following link:


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