Saturday, October 15, 2005

Submission of your own Magic Tricks

This must be the most shortest entry that I have ever written. But recently I learned, that many people have developed their very own magic tricks and magic stories. My friend told me to put some of your ideas up on my website. So here's the deal: since this is a magic (all magic stuff) website I will also be accepting any Magical stories (such as: Harry Potter (your own version). You will also be able to send in your magic tricks, that you have originally made or created and would prefer to share your knowledge of magic with the world. I will be accepting all of this by e-mail. If you would like to send in any of the above , please note: that anything you send me should have your e-mail address on it (so I can e-mail you back and tell you wether or not if I've put your article of magic on my website). I hope to get a lot of e-mail on: magic tricks, magic stories, suggestions, comments, questions or requests. So start sending in your wonderful entries.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Shaman: Blow them Out!

The Shaman Professional Card Trick

Effect: The spectator chooses a number between 1-7. The magician deals that many cards out, the magicians appoints a card to the spectator saying "This is your Card for this trick". He/She makes another packets of small cards, all in front of the spectator. They put the packets back, shuffle of some cards and then suddenly they turn the top card over to reveal it to be the spectators!

(This affect has been preformed by Brad Christian on

Method: This trick always leaves a great impact upon everyone who watches it! Though you may wanna keep it to one spectator at a time. Here is how to preform this trick:
1. Get hold of a deck of cards. Now ask your spectator to think of a number between 1-7.
2. Ask them to tell you the number they so chose. Lets suppose they chose the number 4.
3. Now you would shuffle the deck randomly in front of them and deal out four random cards (face down)
4. Put this small packet of cards on the side, and tell the spectator this will be used for later on in the trick.
5. Now deal out 10 cards on to the table (Deal Cards out form LEFT-to-RIGHT).
6. Since for this example we used the number 4, you would turn the forth card from the pile of ten cards over, and that would be the spectators card for that trick.
7. Turn the forth card back over and start collecting the cards from left to right.
8. once you have the ten cards back in your hands, place this packet of cards on the top of the deck.
9. Now take the small packet of 4 cards that you had originally made in the beginning of the trick, and place that over the whole deck of cards.
10. Once this is done, you will deal out 11 cards on to the table from the top of the deck. If you choose you can spell out A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A, while dealing the cards out.
11. Turn the 11th card from the dealt out cards over, and to the spectators suprise, it would be their card!
12. You can choose to end the trick in whichever way you wish, but make sure that you always deal the 11 cards in right order or else the trick will get messed up.

Advice on Performance:
This is a very easy and simple trick to preform. I have noticed that as many times as I preform this trick. I have always gotten a positive response. But there is a secret to this trick, ALWAYS preform in front of DIFFERENT PEOPLE. This will always ensure that no chance of detecting the secret of the trick will ever pass the spectator's eyes! Have fun with this one, and don't overdo it!!!