Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Twenty-One Pick Up

Abracadabra: The Twenty-One Pick Up
This is an amazing trick to preform on any stage show.

Effect: The magician deals the cards out in three columns, seven cards each. The magician asks the spectator
to memorize a card (not tell them the card), and just point to the column the card is in. After repeat-
ing this trick 2-3 times, the magician places all the cards on top of the deck and squares them out.

After explaining to the spectator what ABRACADABRA means, the magician flicks a card and shows it
to the spectator, soon followed by a thunderous applause!

Preparation: Take 21 cards from the deck and set them in 3 columns, seven cards per column. (As shown in the picture to the left: Courtesy of Set the cards up neatly as shown in the picture to the left.


  1. Start off by asking the spectator to choose any of the cards shown in the columns.
  2. When the spectator has chosen their card, ask them to point to the row that contains their card.
  3. When you have gained knowledge of the row, then one-by-one pick up the cards of a seperate row then the chosen one.
  4. Now pick up the cards of the chosen row, and then pick up the cards of the last row.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 two times, every time when you have delt out the cards ask the spectator to point to the row containing their chosen card.On your third turn you would already know the spectators card because it would be the forth from the top of the "pointed" column.
  6. Once you have successfully completed that step, pick up all the cards and square them out. (Making sure you take the most recently "pointed to row" that suggests that the spectators card the second).

The Conclusion:

There are two ways in which to conclude this trick:

  1. You can turn the forth card from the top face down after the third turn to thunderous applause.
  2. You can square the deck out (thus it's face down) and explain that the word ABRACADABRA is a very magical word which changes and truly defies nature! After you're done with this explaination, say that for this trick I will be using that very word, and using ABRACADABRA deal out the cards face down . So you would be spelling A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A , at the last A you should have 10 cards already dealt out onto the table, pause for a beat at the 11th letter of ABRACADABRA, and turn over the card to reveal it to be the spectators!

Note from Magic-Mania:

I have to say that this trick has always given me a positive response from my vivd audience. If you follow the steps listes above very carefully, you will be able to master this trick in no time , though I suggest you practice it a little before you debut preformance! Secondly, I prefer the second conclusion to the Twenty-One Pick, because it leaves more of a dramatic impact upon the spectator. Lastly, I hope you enjoy this trick as much as I have preforming it!

With Best Regards,



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