Friday, December 30, 2005

Famous Dollar-TO-Hundred

Effect: A crisp one dollar bill is shown, the hands are shown to be completely empty, then the magician takes the dollar bill, squeezes it between his fingers, and then reveals it to be, miraculously, a hundred dollar bill!

(As shown by Criss Angel and David Blaine on national T.V)

Preparation: You need a dollar and a hundred bill. Fold both the bills in half. They should be two half-folded bills. Take the hundred dollar bill and glue one flap of it on one flap of the one dollar bill. Once this done you should have two dollar bills, one side of each bill glued together.


Now it is time for the amazing performance of Dollar to Hundred.

1. First fold the back dollar bill (hundred dollar bill) towards its already folded
and glued half, to complete the half of the Hundred Dollar Bill.

2. Now, display the one whole side of the One Dollar Bill to the audience, you can
Fold it slightly inwards (not too much or else the other folded hundred dollar
Bill would become evident) so the audience can see BOTH the sides of the Dollar Bill.

3. After you have displayed the one dollar bill to the audience, fold it lengthwise. Make sure you don’t let go of the hundred dollar bill flap on the back of the One Dollar Bill.

4. Cover the one dollar (folded) bill with your fingers. (The next move must be done fairly quickly), you turn the bill quickly over, make sure your fingers are still masked around the bill.

5. Now, you should have the one dollar bill facing you, and the hundred dollar bill facing the audience, yet still masked with your fingers. Unfold the top flap of the hundred dollar bill (which obviously wasn’t glued to the one dollar bill).

6. Reveal the hundred dollar bill, you can also slightly fold the non-glued part of the outward, just to show the audience that the one dollar bill had actually just turned into a one hundred dollar bill!! After this you can put the bill in your pocket, and bow to the audience at their thunderous applause!

Advice and Tips for Performance:

This is one of the greatest tricks that you would ever be able to perform. But just like all of my
other tricks, this trick also requires a lot of practice. You can review the trick several times in
front of a mirror just to perfect. Have Fun!


Anonymous Ciaran said...

Wow! What a blog!! I have already bookmarked it! Thnaks to you blog I have also learned some wicked magic tricks!!!!

Thanks a million



Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog, i learn a lot of magic tricks here and im ready to perform....


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