Friday, December 30, 2005

Pen Through Dollar Bill

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Effect: An ordinary pen is displayed to the spectator, then a dollar bill is borrowed from the spectator. Suddenly the magician pokes the pen through the dollar bill and twirls the dollar bill around, just to show the spectator that the pen is really though the bill. Then just as suddenly as the magician had poked the pen in the dollar bill, he/she quickly rips the pen out, and displays the dollar bill to the spectators,unbelieveably, there are no holes or rips in the dollar bill, a brilliant effect!

Method: Many magicians have preformed this affect and it has always been a great one to be viewed by spectators. So heres how to do the trick, all you need is an ordinary pen (with a removable top) and a dollar bill.

Display the bill in your left hand, and the pen in your right.

Crease the bill in the middle with both hands.

Hold the bill facing the audience and let the pen go behind it. And start folding the bottom part upwards.

Continue pressing up the bill with the left thumb and steal the tip with your right hands 3rd and 4th finger in the cover.

Stress the smoothness at this point.

And while practising have in mind what it is supposed to look like.

Finish the movement with the left thumb and clip the bill with the 1st and 2nd finger of the right hand.

The tip remains clipped between the fingers.

Tilt the bill forward so that the cap is pointing towards the spectators and let the tip attach to the pen outside the bill while doing it.

This is done to convince the audience that the pen is lying inside the folded bill.

Tilt the bill back so it is straight in front of you.

Grab the cap with the right hand and seemingly push the pen firmly "through" the bill.
Making a nice "ripping-sound".

Put the index finger inside the folded bill and try to give it a convincing display as you pull the pen to the right.

Advice on Preformance:
This is an amazing trick which always leaves a "baffling" impact upon the spectator. This trick, though it may look simple, requires a lot of practice, so PRACTICE it!!!! If you would like to see a video of the preformance of the Pen Through Dollar Bill, click on the link below, or copy-paste it to your browser:
Have Fun with this trick, before your debut preformance practice in front of a mirror or friend to ensure no mistakes!!


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