Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Mystery Card: By Oz Pearlman

Trick Courtesy of
Written by: Kurtiss Gooch
The magician takes out a card from the deck and places it on the table, and explains to the spectator that this is a Mystery Card, you´re NEVER to take your eyes of this card. The spectator agrees. The magician then fans the deck, and lets the spectator choose any card. Then the magician places this card on the top of the deck. The magician turns the top card over and shows the spectator their chosen card (lets say its the Nine of Spades), the magician takes this card, and infront of the spectator, places it IN THE MIDDLE of the deck (the face of the card can be facing the spectator for this trick). Once the spectators card is "jutted" into the middle of the deck, the deck is handed to the spectator to shuffle. After the spectator is done shuffling, the magician instructs the spectator to place the deck aside. Now the magician asks the spectator: "You know that, that Mystery Card was in your site the whole time, right? I didn´t touch it or anything, right?", the spectator agrees to this. Then the magician asks the spectator to turn the card over, to the spectators great astonishment, the Mystery Card was their chosen card (Nine of Spades)!

A little preparation is required for this trick, but its still a great effect. What you need to do is get a duplicate of any card in your deck (if you have a duplicate of card but not the same backs: eg. Bicycle deck and the Bee Deck, in this case you can glue an "extra card (Joker)" from the Bicycle deck and glue that to your duplicate card (for example: the Nine of Spades) take the Nine of Spades form the Bicycle Deck and place it on the top of the deck, and take the other Nine of Spades (from the Bee Deck, with the bicycle back glued to it) and put this "Mystery Card" aside on the table. Now discard the Bee deck, and sqaure the bicycle deck up and place it aside.

This is a wonderful trick which the spectator will always love, this trick is a great illusions and has been preformed in many different ways, but here´s the one I liked the most, here´s my way:1. Tell the spectator about the Mystery Card. Say this is a very mysterious card and it knows all. Tell the spectator to NEVER take their eyes off this card. (This won´t matter since you´ve already prepared it)2. Secondly , make sure the Nine of Spades is still on the top of the deck. You can make sure of this by fanning the deck (face up) to show the spectator that the deck is not arranged in any way whatsoever.3. Now square the deck up and let the spectator choose any card in the deck by fanning it out (face down). Tell the spectator to place their chosen card on the top of the deck . Now when this is done, start squaring the deck up. While doing this push the spectators card to second position from the top, this can be done by using your thumb. This must also be done fast. 4. Now take the deck in one hand and have the spectator turn the top card over, to reveal their chosen card (Nine of Spades). Give them the rest of the deck and their card, and ask them to place their card anywhere in the deck they so choose, after this ask them to shuffle the deck as much as they choose and then tell them to put the deck aside.5. Its the time for the grand conclusion. Ask the spectator: ""You know that Mystery Card was in your site the whole time, right? I didn´t touch it or anything, right?", the spectator agrees to this. Then ask the spectator to turn the card over, to the spectators great astonishment, the Mystery Card was their chosen card (Nine of Spades), this will have them amazed for ages, only you knwo the secret to how its done.

Advice on Performance:
This is an absolute stunner, it will always have the spectator shocked completely. Now, this trick doesn´t require practice just preparation, but its still good to practice it in front of a mirror, just to ensure NO mistakes! This is a simple trick but remember, NEVER reveal its secret, its too valuable to do so. Go on this link and choose any of the video player choices and enjoy! If you ahve any further questions or concerns about this trick. please feel free to e-mail me at: Have Fun! :)


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