Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Snap Change: Instant Transformation

Effect: The magician lets the spectator have a free choice of any card they so choose. The spectator then replaces their card to the top of the deck, the magician turn the top card over to show it NOT to be the spectators. Then he/she holds the card between his/her finger and gives it a nice "snap" or "flick" with his/her fingers. After this, the spectator stares, jaw-dropped, at the magician, because after the flicking motion, the magician had just made the previous card change to the spectators chosen one!
(As shown on national T.V. by Criss Angel and David Blaine)
This is a wonderful trick, which will always leave the spectator in a "jaw dropped" stage for the conclusion. Even though this trick is a marvel, it requires a great deal of practice to perfect. Here´s the procedure.
1. First, fan out the deck and let the spectator have a free choice of any card they choose.
2. Square the deck up when the spectator is viewing their card, and place their card on the top of the deck.
3. Wave your hand above the deck, and concentrate on it as if trying to see something not visible to the human eye.
4. Using the method of the double-lift, lift the top two cards to show them as one.
5. The spectator is sure to be amazed to find the "top" card not to be their very own chosen card.
6. You can discard the deck at this point.
7. Hold the right bottom corner of the two cards,(showing them as one) with the index and middle fingers.
8. This is the tough part. Tell the spectator that you are about to preform the impossible! This next step must be done fairly quickly, to ensure the "snap change".
9. Just like you would snap your fingers, you snap the two cards. This should cause the middle finger to go back toward the palm holding the front or top card, and then the spectators chosen card would be visible to them. The index finger and thumb would be holding the spectators card, but the middle finger would be pulled out from view holding the very first card, which the magician had shown not to be the spectators.
10. From the audience point of view, the middle finger holding the previous card, would be completely masked. Thus the can´t see it at all.
11. You have to be able to preform the "Snap Change" fast so no blunders occur.
12. To conclude the trick, keep your fingers in the position after preforming the "Snap Change". Now what you would have is the top card sticking out from the back of your hand. Take the deck in one hand, and start distracting the spectator by saying things like :" So, whe was the last time you saw a magic trick?" While saying this draw the deck toward the card placed in between your middle finger.Let the card slip out, thus it falls on the top of the deck. Place the deck back on the table, or your lap.
13. Now you can show the spectator the card in your hand, and also show them you had no other card whats so ever in your hand at all for the trick.
Advice on Preformance:
This is a great trick, I have preformed it many times, always concluding to thunderous applause. This trick is though, somewhat complicated to do. A magician needs to get natural with the Snap Change, snap step. This is usually the part where many illusionists tend to mess up. Remember, think about what it should look from the audience´s point of viiew. And practice makes perfect, so keep practicing until you can fool your very self!!


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