Monday, March 06, 2006

Learn TO Amaze Series: Visual Card Melt

So, have you been looking for the perfect card, coin or any other magic trick series? Well, now you've come to the right place. In the upcoming posts I will be posting some magic tricks from my very own magic tricks series (VOL. 1 , In the E-BOOK). While you wait for the e-book to come out. I have also decided to send the e-book to people on their wish. This meaning I will ONLY send you the e-book if you send me and e-mail at saying that yes you will like the e-book and I would really appreciate it in the mean time if you could also right a suggestion for what you probably want in the e-book.

Now that done, the Learn TO Amaze magical series. This series is going to be all about magic tricks and basic card, coin handling knowledge. This will, not only help you enhance you magic trick abilites but also make you a better magician, so right now you might want to bookmark Magic-Mania just so you can return every now and then to have your chance at the FREE tricks being released from the Magical Series.

The Frst Trick that I am revealing to you is called: Visual Card Melt

Now what is this trick about? Just check it out yourself, scroll down and read the trick and its explanation below!

Learn TO Amaze Magic Series- Vol. 1

-The Visual Card Melt-
The spectator is displayed 3 cards. The order of the three cards is as follows: AS, AD, AC. The magician tells the spectator to concentrate on the AD. The magician now turns the cards over (face-down) and squares them up. This done the magician starts rubbing the cards with his/her middle finger and thumb. After this he or she stops. And slowly turns the cards over. The spectators, AD, has visually melted thru the AC and landed in its place, and now the middle card is the AC. This procedure, once repeated, brings the AD back to its original position (in the middle) leaving the AC, in its orignial place (the bottom). An Absolute Baffler!

This is a great trick, it doesn´t require any practice whatsoever, but always has the spectator saying: "Huh? How did that happen?" At the end of it, thats your garantee. Now back to the method of this trick:

1. First, take out the AS, AD and the AC from the deck.

2. This done, the rest of the deck can be discarded.

3. Arrange the three aces in the following order:AS, AD and AC.

4. Now tell the spectator to concentrate on the center-most card (the AD).

5. Turn the cards over face-down, and square them up.

6. Place the cards between your middle finger and thumb and start rubbing them (the should go from side-to-side).

7. You will notice, that the "rubbing" is causing the center card (AD) to slip out from between the two black cards.

8. Secretly, grab this ace once it is mostly out (distract the audience with some patter) and slip it to the bottom. (Thus, you have caused the bottom card, AC, to slip to the middle,and now the bottom card is the AD).

9. Stop the rubbing. Square the three cards up, and slowly start to turn them over, give them a one-handed fan and show the audience (or spectator) that the AD is now on the bottom and the AC in the middle. (You can also say: "Hey, look the AD has visually melted thru the AC!"

10. To switch them back to their orignal places, just repeat the rubbing, and switch the middle card (AC) to the bottom of the packet, this caused the AD to return to its original place, the middle, Amazing!

Advice on Performance:
This is a brillaint effect that has never yet failed to astound my audience, as I preform this trick a lot of times as a "Street Magic trick", me being a street magician. But this trick will work well in any stage show performance, because it will still have the audience amazed at the end, and it doesn´t require any practice (anyway try practicing the rubbing bit before preforming it in front of an audience). I saw this video performance of this magician performing thie Card Melt, and it was on sale for about $12. So I decided to make up my own method on how this trick may work, and I came up with the result above. I know its not much, and I also know it may not give the exact SAME effect as the video performance I saw, but still its very much like that. I´m sorry I don´t have the link to the video performance, but as soon as I do, I´ll be sure to post it on, so you can see how it looks like! In the meanwhile, hope you enjoy the trick.

This is a great trick, always has the spectator gapping at the end! And thats my garantee to you! Try it, it may require a bit of practice but it's still worth it! This is a trick well worth the practice you don't want to miss it!

I hope you enjoy this trick, and let me know what you think of it at: I love to ehar from you, and I will always be prompt to reply to your mails, so don't hesitate at ALL!

With Best Regards,



Anonymous David Terrance said...

Nice Card Melt! I remember seeing it I think on Download Magic, not so sure though :P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah it was downloadmagic...


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