Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dollar to Hundred ( Original Version)

A crisp one dollar bill is shown, the hands are shown to be completely empty, then the magician takes the dollar bill, squeezes it between his fingers, and then reveals it to be, miraculously, a hundred dollar bill!(As shown by Criss Angel and David Blaine on national T.V) Here´s a link to the video performance of this trick:
  • A $1 Bill
  • A $100 Bill
  • Thumb tip
Take the $100 dollar bill. Fold it into a small rectangular piece, small enough to fit inside the thumb tip. Place this in the thumb tip. Wear the thumb tip on the hand you would normally write with. Have the 1$ bill in your pocket or hold it in your hands. That´s´re ready!
This is simply the original version to the Dollar To Hundred trick, I discovered it recently so decided to share it with you all, the previous version was one I came up with when I was trying to figure this trick out.

1. Hold the one dollar bill in the hand that you are wearing the thumb tip on.

2. Hold the dollar bill in such a way that it conceals the thumb entirely thus concealing the tumb tip as well.

3. Introduce the bill,and turn it over and back (hide the thumb tip behind the dollar bill during the movement) Note: Hold Dollar bill with both hands.

4. Fold the dollar bill until its a little rectangular shape. Then place both hands together and conceal both hand´s fingers.

5. When the fingers are concealed, use the free thumb of the other hand to slide the thumb tip all the way out,with the thumb which would cause the 100$ bill inside the thumb tip to pop out on your palm.

6. With the thumb that previously wore the thumb tip, jam the 1$ bill inside the thumb tip, and with the jamming, slide your thumb in as well. Thus you end up again wearing the thumb tip.

7. Now you should have the 100$ bill on your finger tip, concealing the thumb tip as well, open the 100$ bill up and show that a 1$ bill has magically turned into a 100$ bill...easy money! Hide the thumb tipwith the hundred dollar bill, as you would be holding the bill fom the hand on which you currently wear the thumb tip.

8. There you go, thats simply the change. I know its a bit confusing, sorry about that, I´m recently working on a video tutorial for the trick, as soon as that is done, I´ll post the link up. After the trick, you can hand out the bill for inspectation. During this time, quickly slide the hand on which you wear the thumb tip (do this move casually) in your pants pocket. Leave the thumb tip their, with the bill and retirve the hand. Their you´re clean. That´s simply the trick!
Advice on Performance:
The only advice I can provide you with is try your best to conceal the thumb tip, as much as you possibly can. This trick will require a lot of practice, but that practice is worth it. The main "slow down" in the trick is when you are changing the bills. Professional magicians can do this move very fast becuase of loads of practice. So try your best and practice A LOT! Hope you liked it, and watch out for the tutorial vid!

As promised, here is the link to the video tutorial of the trick.. enjoy! Hope this helps! :D Link: http:⁄⁄⁄watch?v@V_CpjgwMVMw P.S. Sorry that I go a little fast.. I was filming this from a digital cam so it could only record until 57 seconds... so I had to go fast! :D